Notice #63279

Temporary Loss of Internet Service


We are due to receive the replacement equipment tomorrow (Monday) and we will be replacing the equipment and testing Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning. We will update once complete.

Sadly, the issue re-occurred this morning and we have had to move customer back to a backup link. We have increased the capacity of this backup link, however customer may still experience slower speeds than normal and we apologise about this. We have isolated a faulty piece of equipment that is causing the problem and the manufacturer is sending a replacement ASAP. We will continue to provide updates on our Service Status page. We apologise for an inconvenience that may be caused.

We have found the cuase of the issue and have moved customer traffic onto a backup radio link. However this link does not have the capacity that our main one does and as a result customers will experience slower speeds than normal. We are working to fix the issue with our main link and will provide further updates soon.

We are currently experiencing a problem which is resulting in a loss of internet service to our customers. Engineers are looking into this and we will update as soon as possible.

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